• We are pioneers …

    sharing our expertise 
    with the world

  • We are pioneers …

    building bridges 
    across disciplines

  • We are pioneers …

     pushing the boundaries 
    of research

  • We are pioneers …

    creating space for 
    a new kind of research



Wanted: Postdoc Organ on Chip (f/m)

Our reseach group aims to develop and use microfluidic chip technologies for rebuilding cellular and tissue microenvironments to model in vivo...


Wanted: Technical Project Manager Laboratories & Facilities (f/m)

As technically highly accomplished Technical Project Manager, you will be responsible for the efficient establishment of state-of-the-art laboratory...


Introduction of the Branding of the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

The Helmholtz Pioneer Campus (HPC) leadership is excited to unveil an HPC-specific corporate design that will be invaluable for introducing the new...


Zooming in on the essentials of life!

Literate in a variety of disciplines, Dr. Oliver Bruns combines cutting-edge technologies to bring unseen physiological processes to light. Since...


Transforming an Idea into Reality

The first Helmholtz Pioneer Campus recruiting symposium delivers outstanding science and shapes the underlining Pioneer Campus concept.

The Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

HPC is an innovation campus with a startup culture, routed in the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich and part of the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest research community. HPC stands for the smart fusion of biomedical sciences, engineering and digitization in a research environment that has no parallel in Europe. Helmholtz Pioneers pave the way for tomorrow’s biomedical breakthroughs. Teams of top scientific talents from all over the world work together on the development of novel solutions that make a difference in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases. HPC gets its name from Hermann von Helmholtz (1821- 1894), a physician and physicist, polymath and science pioneer. HPC aspires to the research excellence Helmholtz embodies.


We are pioneers, our mission is ...

... driving discovery

We address the big challenges in biomedicine and engineer novel solutions that enable decisive breakthroughs in metabolic disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Research that pushes boundaries is our passion.

HPC Future Research Areas

Microfluidics, Organ on-chip
Matthias Meier, Stanford* 
Next Gen in-vivo Brain Imaging

Bio-Sensing, Bio-Imaging
Oliver Bruns, MIT*  
Material- and Tissue Engineering

Molecular Aging, Single-cell Heterogeneity,

Spatial Transcriptomics

Bio-Computation, Gender Medicine,

3D-Genome Architecture

*affiliation before joining HPC

... facilitating discovery

We enable intellectual freedom with flat organizational structures, less bureaucracy and open communication channels. We provide creative space with exceptional resources and leading-edge infrastructure.

HPC Infrastructure

  • Substantial start-up and running costs for innovative pioneer teams with no teaching obligations.
  • Funding has been secured for a state of the art research building hosting up to 20 teams with scheduled opening in 2021.
  • We are testing digital processes for effective interdisciplinary research and efficient science administration.
  • We are based in Munich, European hub for engineering, life sciences and IT and voted one of the the most liveable cities in the world (Mercer ranking).

... accelerating discovery

We create new tools and technologies in interdisciplinary teams combining the skills of exceptional engineers, biologists, physicists, physicians and data specialists.

... communicating discovery

We share our expertise and methods within the Helmholtz Association as well as local and global (academic, corporate, societal) partners, providing impetus and inspiration for future medicines to improve societal health.

HPC Conferences & Networks

Successful international conferences

  • Annual Helmholtz-Nature Medicine Conferences since 2013
  • Coming soon: Global Keystone Conference in Munich: „Engineering Biomedical Breakthroughs“

Established networks
Stephen Quake, CZ Biohub Stanford · Katia Karalis, Emulate Inc. · L. Boyer, MIT · M. Haigis, Harvard · F. Slack, Harvard · P. Frenette Einstein · S. Raffii, Weill Cornell · A. Giraldez, Yale · O. Shirihai, UCLA · M.Teitell, UCLA · K. Plath, UCLA · F. de Sauvage, Genentech


Prof. Dr. Matthias Tschöp
Director of Biomedicine
Research Director Helmholtz Diabetes Center
Director Institute for Diabetes and Obesity
Alexander von Humboldt Professor
Chair Division of Metabolic Diseases at TUM

Prof. Dr. Vasilis Ntziachristos
Director of Bioengineering
Director Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging at Helmholtz Zentrum München
Chair of Biological Imaging at TUM

Dr. Thomas Schwarz-Romond
Director of Operations