Source: HMGU

Thomas Schwarz-Romond joint HPC as Director Operations in July 2017. A seasoned molecular biologist on one hand, and holding a business degree on the other, Thomas thrives to create an excellent research environment, supported by effective administrative processes at HPC.

After PhD- and postdoctoral studies at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), the MDC-Berlin and the MRC-LMB (Cambridge) Thomas was attracted to EMBO (Heidelberg) an intergovernmental organization promoting life-science excellence. As senior scientific Editor for The EMBO Journal, Thomas directed the Cancer-, Stem Cells-, Metabolism- & Molecular Biology of Disease section, an opportunity to establish tangible networks with top level scientists at all career stages. Thomas complemented his general perspective on life-science research with relevant administrative skills during MBA-studies with a focused on strategic alliances in the non-profit sector.

After a short period as manager of academic relations and executive publisher in Elsevier’s Berlin office, Thomas joined HPC to spearhead its scientific operations. 


Dr. Thomas Schwarz-Romond
Director of Operations